Christian Apologetic
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The ten questions, with which this book is concerned, are given in the following list:

  1. Is the Christian description of the beginning of the universe consistent with the scientific description?
  2. Does the universe exist primarily to serve as a home for us?
  3. What is the origin of the moral law written on each of our hearts?
  4. Did life arise spontaneously from non-living matter? 
  5. Is “survival-of-the-fittest” a rational basis for the concept of biological evolution?
  6. Are Christians supposed to think about the basis for their beliefs? 
  7. Is each of the known Greek manuscripts and manuscript fragments, of a particular New Testament  book, a “pure” representation of a unique autograph?
  8. Did the New Testament autographs provide an accurate account of what a man named
    Jesus said and did? 
  9. Who was Jesus?
  10. Were the autographs, for the book referred to as the Christian Bible, inspired by God?

A few of the ten questions can never be answered with certainty based purely on human understanding.  In those cases, however, so much evidence can be amassed in support of a particular answer that a final step of faith is small and guided as opposed to large and blind.  Contrary to the teaching of Kierkegaard, faith and reason are not separated by a huge, dark chasm with no way to get from one side to the other except to take a giant, blind leap. (1)


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