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Christianity: Truth or Lie?

Historic Christianity stands on the beliefs that Classical Logic represents the "Truth of God" and Sound Reason is the foundation of the Christian faith. In contrast, modern Christianity frequently appears to be hanging perilously from a framework of bad science, fuzzy logic and relative truth. Can Christianity survive Young Earth dogma from the right and Positive Tolerance from the left?

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Purpose of This Site

The fastest growing religious affiliation in America is “none” now comprising nearly one third of the adult population.  In at least a dozen developed countries, including America, between twenty five and sixty five percent of the population reject the concept of “life after death.”  By any statistical assessment, religiosity is declining and atheism is ascending in all but the poorest nations of the world.

Evangelical Christians are failing to accomplish the assignments given to them long ago by Jesus Christ [Great Commandment (Mat 22:36-40), Great Commission (Mat 28:18-20), Healing (Luke 9:2, 10:9)].  Could it be that evangelical Christians concentrate on ritual faithfulness instead of Great Commission fruitfulness?  ‘Well done my good and faithful servant’ are the words each Christian hopes to hear from Jesus; but, someday, American Christians might hear instead, ‘My Church effectively died in America on your watch; I am holding you responsible.’

Could it be that traditional outreach practices (i.e. invite your neighbor to church, workplace evangelism, friendship evangelism, door to door witnessing, etc.) are marginally effective in 21st century America?  Could it be that the motives of those who deliver the Christian message are frequently viewed with deep suspicion and mistrust?  Perhaps Christians worldwide could rediscover an ancient approach unaffected by motives and independent of marketing strategies. That approach would be logic and reason.

Is Christianity grounded in the events of history, the facts of science, the rules of logic or any reasonable concept of truth? Supportive evidence has been available for decades but it was often concealed in a web of unsound science, false logic and personal truth. The book entitled Christian Handbook of Reason and Insight for Scientists and Technologists, available free from this website, places existing information in a framework of sound science, solid logic and absolute truth. Most of the references are 4 - 5 decades old suggesting the presentation may be new but the information is not.

Jesus said, "I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me." If this book motivates one non-Christian to "open the door," its primary purpose will have been accomplished. If one Christian becomes a stronger apologist, a secondary purpose will have been accomplished.

Ten questions are addressed with classical logic; supplementary material has been relegated to the references so the reader can focus entirely on the critical arguments. This book is not a source of original thought; instead, it is a compendium of critical arguments uncluttered by supplementary material and excessive personal opinion. The reader is challenged to refute these arguments. From a denominational vantage, the book fits all flavors except Young Earth (Theology Corner, Chapter 20).

In addition to a text on Christian Apologetics, this website contains the author's perspective on a variety of Christian issues including: The Illogical and Blasphemous Aspects of Calvinism; The True Source of Evil; The Meaning of Holiness; The Impending Death of the Protestant Church in America; Whether Satan is Alive and Well; The Core Beliefs of Christianity; The Purpose of Prayer and a Proper Christian Perspective on Healing.  This commentary, located in "Theology Corner," is Wesleyan/Arminian with a Theodicy based on Satan and his minions.  A concise defense of Wesleyan/Arminian Theology, together with a repudiation of Reformed Theology, is woven into Theology Corner.  This stark comparison is not readily available from the web or contemporary literature.  Furthermore, mainline Wesleyan/Arminian denominations (UMC, Nazarene, Wesleyan, etc.) have become so preoccupied with social activism, political correctness and the introverted pursuit of personal holiness that they no longer have the time or inclination to defend their historic beliefs.  However, Traditional Southern Baptists have been standing in the gap by affirming the essence of Prevenient Grace and embracing all five points of the Remonstrance except the one denying eternal security. 

This website also presents technical articles based on the Judeo-Christian tradition that God arranged the 304,805 character string of concatenated words in the Torah to reveal not only a spiritual message but also to encrypt fundamental information about the beginning of the universe and its development over time including the entirety of physics, chemistry, biology and human history…a message within a message.  These articles are located in Encrypted in Genesis and include:

Genesis of the Reciprocal Fine Structure Constant

Genesis of the Genetic Code for Life

Genesis of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa Matrix

Genesis of the Countably Infinite Universe

Genesis of the Ecliptic Divide of the Cosmos

Genesis of Preferred Cosmic Directions

Genesis of the Golden Ratio

Genesis of Relative Atomic Mass for the Elements of Periods 1 and 2

A coincidence is a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.  Given sufficient evidence, however, the bridge between “remarkable concurrence of events” and “causal connection” must be crossed.  Encrypted in Genesis may not motivate you to cross that bridge, but it might motivate you to put one foot on the bridge!

This is not a glitz and glamour website. It is primarily for those who want to think about Christianity to determine what they believe and why they believe it. It does not pander to bloggers, mesmerize you with clever graphics and social media apps, diminish cults, condemn non-Christian religions, bank on name recognition, promote a particular denomination, seek your support or want your money. These activities may be intrinsically legitimate but they are not relevant to the primary objective of Christian Apologetics: "Always be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in you with humility and respect" (1 Pet 3:15). Christians are at war with the forces of evil and need to be armed with truth concerning their religious beliefs (Eph 6:14).

To put the apologetics portion of this website into perspective for millennials, by 1960, when I graduated high school, the victory of science over Christianity was nearly complete. Jesus Christ was a mythical crutch for ignorant, illogical, weak-willed, neurotic people who couldn't cope with life. In that era, intellectuals embraced the following:

  • Although some evidence supports the idea that the universe had a beginning, the steady state theory is alive and well!
  • The earth should be viewed as an insignificant, meaningless speck in a universe vast beyond comprehension.
  • The moral law is a product of biological evolution or learned social behavior.
  • Life appeared spontaneously by random chance from non-living matter (abiogenesis).
  • The gradual evolution of complex life from primitive life can be explained by Survival of the Fittest (biological evolution).

But, by 1985, the evidence supported different views:

  • The universe began at a definite point in time (The Big Bang).
  • The universe appears to exist as a home for us since the slightest change in any one of its fundamental properties would preclude our existence (The Anthropic Principle).
  • The moral law appears to have been written on our primitive consciousness.
  • The spontaneous generation of first life from non-living matter cannot be explained by any known scientific process.
  • Primitive life does not exist; the blueprint for any type of life is incredibly complex. Furthermore, the overall fitness of a creature can neither be measured nor computed since no paradigm exists for reducing the creature to a calculable whole.

Obstacles to Christianity based on physics, chemistry and biology were substantially neutered in less than a generation. During roughly the same time period, Freud's attack on Christianity, as a dangerous mental disorder which should be replaced by psychoanalysis, was also dismantled by evidence. In the absence of new arguments, intellectuals continue to attack Christianity using discredited concepts from the 1960's. But with actual barriers substantially removed, the truth seeker is free to evaluate Christianity based on classical logic, sound reason and the evidence of Scripture, personal experience and great traditions of the church.

To put the contents of Theology Corner into perspective for millennials, many of the several dozen chapters can be viewed as a response to the current death spiral of the Protestant Church in America and beyond. The church is currently in septic shock caused by a massive internal infection.  Protestants are succumbing to abscesses deep within the Christian community.  Serious infections in the church are generally caused by corrupt Christians and not by external influences.  Satan knows the best way to cripple the church is from within; he does this most effectively by corruption of church leadership.  Powerful personalities among the upper echelon elite of Christianity practice lawlessness, apostasy, heresy and blasphemy all under the guise of making the teachings of Jesus Christ more palatable in this modern age and more in tune with progressive thinking.  Many pastors quickly learn to serve the ones who pay their salaries, control their careers and teach them about the importance of political correctness.  Many pastors become entertainment directors for country club churches having such shallow content that every corner of their great edifice is infused with the pall of spiritual death.  Most pastors promote congregational ignorance for fear of losing control; an ignorant congregation is a manageable congregation.  Most pastors fail to stand firm against the evil sweeping over civilization like a tsunami.  Unprincipled pastors and other powerful leaders, propped-up by Seminaries and Bible Colleges, are the root cause of the Protestant Church death spiral.  Theology Corner calls them out. You may view it as a years’ worth of messages you will, unfortunately, never hear in church; most preachers would be reluctant to raise these issues for fear of causing the congregation to think!  Consequently, this website will always be considered a rogue outlier by the community of Christian apologists.

By classical logic, Christianity is either absolutely true or absolutely false; there is no in between. Truth is not personal, situational, relative or unknowable; it is absolute. Good hunting!

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