Theology Corner

Addressing commonly asked questions about Christianity from the perspective of a non-theologian


I have prayed for dozens of sick, injured or disabled over the past years in hospitals, homes, church chapel and in the Sanctuary at the end of each Sunday morning service. God always responds.  Prayer always makes a difference.  But the difference is not always dramatic and obvious because prayer does not cancel or suspend the particular network of constraints which are bringing some outcome into being.  Prayer is the means through which the specific action of God works in and through that network, bringing some succession of events to a different outcome than would otherwise have been. 

Some do not ask for prayer because they believe they lack the faith to be healed. However, careful examination, of the 26 well documented healings performed by Jesus Christ, reveals that, in at least six cases, neither the person healed nor those associated with him/her demonstrated any faith whatsoever [Pool of Bethesda, John 5:1-17; Shriveled Hand, Mat 12:9-14; Deceased Son, Luke 7:11-17; Born Blind, John 9:1-38; Bent Double, Luke 13:10-17; Dropsy, Luke 14:1-6].  According to Scripture, the only person needing faith is the person providing the healing activity, not the person receiving the healing activity!