Theology Corner

Addressing commonly asked questions about Christianity from the perspective of a non-theologian

Theology Corner



Is your church troubled?


  • Is your church caught up in the elitist, pseudo-Christian eddies of the day such as liberation theology, critical race theory, reproductive rights and homosexuality? Woke advocates are hopeful such issues might motivate Jesus followers to re-boot their thinking and relegate the tiresome, anachronistic stories about Noah, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Peter and John to the dust bin of history.  Do you pray, “My church believes these sociological movements represent Your will; if, for example, You support the unfettered termination of human life in the womb for the good of society, then so be it.  We don’t want to be like Saul as he dealt with the Amalekites.”


  • Is your church working in stealth mode to terminate the Pastor or other leaders without well-defined cause? Are church leaders openly suggesting that certain persons might feel more comfortable in another church?  Do you justify these things by claiming that you want to maintain the honor and dignity of God?


  • Does your church leadership conduct slightly rigged elections and then insist God’s ways are being followed which are not ways necessarily understandable by men?


  • Does your church seek to purify itself by encouraging the known reprobate to depart and seeking to please only the elect of God?


  • Is your church perfectly satisfied to be an introverted, self-serving country club for a few families?


If you were standing face to face with Jesus Christ; would you dare defend any of these items?  If you were going to defend these items to Jesus Christ, would you use religious, clap-trap reasoning that could be dismantled by a child?  Are you loyal to some perceived, man-made notion of Jesus or are you loyal to God the Son?  Are you loyal to what He actually teaches or are you trying to compromise His teaching with conceptions that never came from Him?

You usually know when a proposition comes from God because of its quiet persistence.  When you have to weigh the pros and cons and doubt and debate come in, you know the proposition is not from God.