Theology Corner

Addressing commonly asked questions about Christianity from the perspective of a non-theologian

Theology Corner


We get suggestions about the preferred directions of our lives from preaching, Christian television, Christian events, personal testimonies, Sunday school, devotionals, trusted friends, dreams, unexpected thoughts and other sources.  We usually absorb the information and then think: “This may be good advice for some, but it may not apply specifically to my circumstances; in any case, I’m not absolutely certain this message came from God.” 

However, what if God spoke to us directly, in words, as He did to Moses (Ex 3:1-4:23), Samuel (1 Sam 3:2-14) and Elijah (1 King 17:1-19:18) or, in words, through an angel as He did to Daniel (Dan 10:10-21) and Gideon (Judg 6:11-22)?  What if we heard the voice of God with our ears just as we hear any other voice?  What if He gave us specific instructions which could not be misunderstood?  We would either have to say, “Yes Lord, I will comply” or “No Lord, I can’t do that.”  Sometimes we are relieved by the thought that this is an unlikely event and we will probably not have to disrupt our lives for God.  We are relieved that we can ignore God without consciously disobeying Him.

In the absence of God’s audible voice or the voice of an angel, or at least a compelling dream or vision, we will have to be content with: what we believe, why we believe it and what we should do about it


  • WHAT WE BELIEVE: We embrace the Core Beliefs of Christianity (Section 1.3 of Theology Corner under the title, “What are the Core Beliefs of Christianity?”).


  • WHY WE BELIEVE IT: We base our Core Beliefs on classical logic, sound reason and the evidence of Scripture, personal experience and great traditions of the church (Christian Apologetics: Christian Handbook of Reason and Insight for Scientists and Technologists).


  • WHAT WE SHOULD DO ABOUT IT: We endeavor to accomplish the assignments given to us long ago by Jesus Christ [Great Commandment (Mat 22:36-40), Great Commission (Mat 28:18-20), Healing (Luke 9:2, 10:9)].


These things will have to suffice until God speaks to us, as individuals, with an unmistakable, audible voice or equivalent!